Brooklyn hip-hop artist bringing a fresh sound to the music industry. Sho Richardsin (Formally Shogun).


Sho Richardsin is a St Vincent and the Grenadines born rapper and producer. He has worked with a variety of upcoming artists in many capacities including marketing, production, and development. Sho has also trained and mentored upcoming hip-hop producers and sound engineers.

Early in his career, Sho by battling any hip hop Artist that as willing at one point gaining the moniker ‘Man Eater’. These battles took place on street corners, in lunch rooms and sometimes staircases in some of NY’s most notorious Housing Projects. Sho is a veteran of the training camp showcase series hosted by super-promoter Mental Supreme at the Pyramid lounge.

Sho attended Wingate high school where he first met Brooklyn Rapper Math Hoffa and later reunited for collaboration on ‘Follow You’ a beat where he sampled of Pat Benatar’s I'm Gonna Follow You. Sho has also featured with established producers and artist such as Splif Star of Flip Mode, Craftworks of Brooklyn Beat works among others.

Sho’s production credits include Math Hoffa, Mancini, Johnny Blanco, Backdraft, HIM White, LA Danger Red Lyfe, Sleep Walkas,  Hard Body Records, Fatal Recordings and other upcoming artists. Editorial and consulting Swan Godi, T.W.O, Starling Management and Fat Boy aka Gordo.

Sho took a 10-year break from music to fully embrace the role of fatherhood and to establish other business endeavors. Sho is a full-time digital marketing consultant who has developed strategies in the Legal Sector, B2B, Manufacturing and Self Storage.

He has appeared on various underground mix tapes including Grow Men Business - Men In Black Mixtape hosted by G-Unit's DJ Thoro, and few when the internet wasn't the ‘in’ thing.

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