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Hey everyone, hope you are doing well! As you know the delta variant is kicking up right now. Be careful and stay on point, we are out of the swamp but still not out of the woods.

With that said, get busy and do something you always wanted to do over the next 5 months. Set a goal, see if you could hit it.

I say that because I have set a few for myself that I am now starting to see them bare fruit. FIRST I have launched the long awaited Merch Page and added some limited edition. The Dude (Shogi) signature collection is something that I am sure you would like to add to your wardrobe. 

I have added digital assets in the form of Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs). I minted these for my listeners and fans to have a way to support me while enjoying something that is appreciated in value. 

If you know me at some point they are going to be worth a fortune. You can now collect, buy, sell and trade Shogi and Friends branded tokens. 

Just a quick note, this is not investment advice or am I any kind of financial advisor and I am not licensed as such.

Additionally, I have also launched a digital service that helps get you noticed without the clout chase associated with making it. You know the one where you become a part of an entourage and do the most for the least.

I bring my experience and expertise from corporate America to help you hash out a plan to help you get into similar publications like myself (fox, nbc, abc, cw, marketwatch, fortune week, celebrity, etc….), Playlists and radio stations.

The offering is web design, social media advertising, search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing and more. Stay tuned for more info

Lastly, I will be adding another single to the streaming services. The Star is another song from my recent project Sheep's Clothing Chapter 2. I'll be mixing and mastering over the next few weeks to add that big industry sound. 

As you know the mixtape versions are quick, raw and unpolished by design… I wanted to give you the closet to that authentic 90s clue, green lantern tapes. 

The singles on the other hand are gussied up for the fashion show. Unlike the mixtape, you can purchase, download and add to your playlist. The song drops on Friday October 1st.

For now enjoy this Teaser.

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