New Music: The MOTY (Man Of The Year) on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Tidal and more

The MOTY (Man Of The Year) Single

What's up everyone, how you been how have you been? I hope you have been using this year to do the things you always wanted. Don't forget to check in with family, I know everything is back to as normal as it can get.

I have to say there have been a couple of snags over the last few weeks. I'm strong tho, I'll get over it! I here for a purpose and who cares who doesn't feel me. I live life to get better at myself, not for others. Anyway, life goes on and I am all about moving forward, only looking back unless you hanging on or to escape my boot.

With that said I have some new music on the way to The M.O.T.Y (Man Of The Year). If you know me I am a win-lose or draw I'm a bigger giant fan. 

The M.O.T.Y is an up-tempo EDM and Hip Hop mashup that is completely new to the artist. The infectious vibe of this new entry keeps the audience rocking from start to finish.

Grab your friends, family, favorite beverage, and pop this one in your cue. This New Year-themed anthem might be just what you need to get the party jumping. 

For this one me and D.B.The Plug is back at it again. All the way from the Netherlands bro brings that fire every time. His flower includes Toosii, Lil Tracy, YNW BSlime, SpotemGottem, Yak Gotti, Teejayx6.

The M.O.T.Y Will be available to stream, download, and purchase Friday, December 2021 on Apple  Music on Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, Napster, and more. My John McClanes could listen to an extended. 

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