Sho Richardsin is a St Vincent and the Grenadines-born rapper/producer. He has worked with a variety of upcoming artists in many capacities including marketing, production, and development. Sho has also trained and mentored upcoming hip-hop producers and sound engineers.

Early in his career Sho honed his talent by battling anyone that was willing. At one point to gain the moniker ‘Man Eater’. These battles took place on street corners, in lunchrooms, and sometimes staircases in some of NY’s most notorious Housing Projects. Sho is a veteran of the training camp showcase series hosted by super-promoter Mental Supreme at the Pyramid Lounge.

Sho took a 10-years break from music, during this time he fully embraced the role of fatherhood while establishing other business endeavors. Sho is a full-time digital marketing consultant, who has developed groundbreaking strategies in the Legal Sector, B2B, Amusement, Manufacturing, and Self-Storage.

Production credits include Math Hoffa, Mancini, Johnny Blanco, Backdraft, HIM White, LA Danger - Red Lyfe, Sleep Walkas,  Key Dah Kid, Hard Body Records, Fatal Recordings, and other upcoming artists. Editorial and consulting Swan Godi, T.W.O, Starling Management, and Fat Boy aka Gordo.

Sho has composed music with the aid of a variety of established and upcoming music producers including DJ Pain 1, Mubz Got Beats, Track Pros, DB The Beat Plug, KYU Tracks, Lasik Beats, Jahmane Bright -Triangle Studios, Kraft Workz - Brooklyn Beat Works, Sidney Scott, and Spliff Star Flip Mode.

His discography included 4 mixtapes (Sheep Clothing 1 & 2 and Object Of The Haters 1 & 2) and 4 singles (The Fire, The Meow, Love It, and The Vixen). Combined there are over 40,000 streams. 

He has appeared on various Digital Music playlists and underground mixtapes including Lyrical Lemonade, Fatal Attraksun, Heineken Mixtape Series and, Grow Men Business - Men In Black Mixtape hosted by G-Unit's DJ Thoro.

Sho has been featured in MarketWatch, Fortune Week, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, CW, Word Is Bond, Music & Fashion Blog, Radio Wig Wam, RDU 98.5, EJazz Radio, and more.

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Sho Richardsin Releases 'Sheep's Clothing' Ep (3/26/21): Read More
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Sho Richardsin Releases New Single 'The Vixen' (8/1/19): Read More
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Sho Richardsin Releases New Music 'The Fire' (3/22/19): Read More
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Sho Richardsin Releases 'Sheep's Clothing' Ep (10/31/18): Read More
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