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The Object Of The Haters (shocking breakup) Hoodie by Sho Richardsin. Is the official clothing line for the Object Of the Hater's mixtape series.

The 'Object Of The Haters' (Shocking Breakup) Hoodie (Front).

The 'Object Of The Haters' (Shocking Breakup) Hoodie (Back).

The 100% funded by me t-shirts and hoodies, is a pride symbol for indie artists, singers, and musicians. Designed for people whose hustle is one hundred percent independent and self-funded. Grab one as a gift for that special someone. These and other cool items can be found on the merch page.

The 100% funded by me independent artist hoodies and tee-shirts (over 10 flavors)

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This year I've added some really cool NFT mints to the Sho Richardsin. Starting with the Shogi and Friends collection. Collectors can now own assets with appreciable value.

Later in 2022 I will be publishing some of my unreleased music that was once though deleted. Always keep backups. 

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    1. Thank you, hit the buy now button to see more flavors in the shopping cart (purple, pink, green, etc...)