New Music: The Thief available on Spotify, Apple Music, and more

Hello everyone, hope you have been doing well and making the most of the new season. There is nothing like motivating yourself towards a goal. Just set them micro-steps and get to it. 

As far as me being some delays been to have some behind the scenes stuff, but that's life. I'm still here to correct them!

With that said, I have been working as usual. I am releasing new music to the so. This one is ear candy for the ladies, but if I am being honest I wrote this with someone special in mind. "Don't worry fellas I made it so you could pop it in and don't feel like you took and L"

The Thief is a seductive /relaxed1990s style, but an up-to-date style song that is another nice reminder of the good ole days when music had substance. 

The song is a catchy blend of Hip Hop and R & B. 'The Thief' features the vocal styling of La'keith Rashad. Mr. Rashad is a versatile singer-songwriter from South Dallas, TX who showcases his strong lyrics and ability to paint vivid imagery through song.

The instrumental was provided by multi-platinum producer DJ Pain1. Production credits include Jeezy, Ludacris, Rick Ross, Lil Baby, 50 Cent, Public Enemy, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, The Jimmy Fallon show, and more. 

I am releasing it on valentines day, this is my present to you!

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