New Music: The Win available on Spotify, Apple Music, and more

What up ya'll? Busy month! I hope everyone is getting to the money right now. Spend some, stack some and have some with the people you love. This the Szn you put it all together. All the night you spent grinding, all the blood, sweat and tears. This the year you bring it all in focus.

This Friday a new song and a set mixtape release date. The new single 'The Win' is the second song released by the artist This year.

Produced by series newcomer OK Petre, 'The Win' is a gritty cinematic jam about falling on your face and getting up. Following a winning formular. The song utilizes Sho’s vocal talents and cadences to produce a skillfully delivered gem.

The heart pounding 808-heavy instrumental adds an intense feel to the already compellingly written words. Ok Petre is an up-and-coming music producer from Belgrade, Serbia. He has collaborated with a variety of independent musicians.

Crazy thing bro was supposed to been on the last sheep's but the beat I wanted was gone. Told em, I got you on the next one. I have not regretted that decision, this beat is fire!

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