Flowers For The Living

I hope you are having an incredible week! Before I get started I would like to thank everyone for supporting me on this musical journey. Thank you for your likes, shares, comments, and word of mouth. I wouldn't be able to achieve any of the goals I have set for myself musically. 

This year marks my 4th year as an indie recording artist. Also marks my 25,000th stream on Spotify, one of the bigger stream platforms. Not going to cap you, it's not on just one song. Nevertheless, it's a milestone worth celebrating. 

As you know, being an indie could be kind of hard at times. Finding support is rare and when you do it most certainly comes with a catch. Thankfully, through due diligence, I was able to find some peeps that only had my best interest in mind.

Let me start by saying thank you to everyone who supported me on this journey in my personal life. Shouts to My family, my mom, and my angel for helping me find my passion for music again. The Godfather E from Fatal Recordings for putting me on my first album and a lot more that's hard to explain.

My Cousin Mike from Ruff Traxx,  how I learned to use Pro Audio, software, and outboard gear. 

Backdraft has been like my brothers since they battled and handed me my first loss. 'Him White’ for schooling me on the music business ins and outs even taught me how to tie a tie on my first meeting. Gibbs, Blaze, Drew, Philty, and Kash yah know! brothers all love! good looks for believing. Good looks on the heat for all these projects.

Everyone on ‘The U’ and the whole Franklin regardless of how you feel about me, respect!

Professionally, I have to shout out to Mental Supreme for giving me guidance about how to move in the industry.

Shout out to these solid producers who have been on the up and up. These kings, you are going to love how they carried themselves. 

First thanks to my brother Blaze The Incredible for always supporting even my craziest ideas. My boi is responsible for that funky sound OTHv2 (Recap) and Suga Ma (Morning After).

Craftworkz from Brooklyn Beat Works, not gonna front this brother had a lot to do with my understanding of bars and semi notes. Definitely had a lot to do with the evolution of my flow. This is what to this day allows me to ride any instrumental. This producer was responsible for the (Unreleased ‘Shoes’ Remix) Forever grateful for the jewelry!

KYU Tracks have to say thanks, Appreciate you. Back when only a few producers wanted to hear from me.  Even some of them who I taught how to produce music, this brother right here sent me a ton of great instrumentals in dropbox that allowed me to finish up Sheep’s Clothing Chapters 1 which allowed me to create some great traction. He is the producer responsible for ‘The Ledge

DJ Pain1 pain one for helping to translate my digital marketing knowledge to Music and some of them beats that had you discover me again for a second time ☺️. This is the producer responsible for The Rules, The Hunt, Trash Day, The Star, and  Straight 2 It! V2. There are also some upcoming gems on Sheep’s Clothing Chapter 2 Definitive Edition.

Track Pros are my go-to for the Object of The Haters Series, when I need that Authentic New York sound, this is where it’s at. These great collective are the minds behind Clear, OTHv1 (title song), No Hits, Glory 2 Me and Cut The Check

Lasik Beats, real down-to-earth brother. We are going to meet up one day, I’m going to lace you. He was the one who made the instrumental for Straight 2 It! V1 and Drinkin-N-Smokin. Not even gon from this is how I got any love in Cali.

Matrix Beats Peace brother you know what’s up bro however far I go imma take you. Google Looks for the exclusivery (shoscanary word). This is the producer that gave life to ‘The Meow’, and the upcoming The Goon and The Bwoi. 

DB The Plug from the Netherlands, bro first reached out to me after Tushonda’s Graduation Present and has been keeping the heat coming since.  Had a chance to kick with the king and basically see that you going to hearing about him real soon. He is the genius behind The Fame and My news single ‘The Dude’.

Shouts to Jcaspersen the mastermind behind The Vixen sheep's clothing chapter 1 and Fibonacci from Object Of The Haters vol 1.

Mubz Got Beats lit it up for me, and blaze on Love It. This is exactly where stars and celebs started vibing to my music.

Shouts to the team at Radio Wig Wam, for always spinning my jams definitely appreciate you guy. My UK and Canada listeners are lit because of you. Much appreciation, reach them on Twitter.

Engineers that drop hella jewels New York from Triangle Studios, Orlando from ‘Touch of Soul” and Sydney Scott from over there on Saratoga. I got you, all the jewelry is what you hear right now.

RIP Jam Master Jay basically met the god once Through E. I remember it like yesterday, we were at the studio in Jamaica Queens, most real **** anyone ever told me ‘I was average’. Been trying to be far from it ever since.

Lastly, RIP NIP, when the G came to the hood I was travel for business. That love, he showed my brothers let me know how I should carry myself in the music industry. No matter how far you get, stay grounded and lift up others!

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