SC2DE Official Track List

Hello Everyone

What's new in your world? I hope all has been good. As you know time is important and you make the most of it. I have been hard at work branding and adding to the catalog. As you know I have added merch and other goodies like digital collectibles. That's not the great news I had for. 

It's the year is coming to a close and as usual, I'll be dropping that pack off for your 2022. I had a few hang-ups but, I am still on schedule with the release date I had in mind. I make no excuses, just exclusives.


This year I'll be doing things a bit differently. I'll be adding to the current project with sheep's Clothing Chapter 2 Definitive Edition. This version will be more accessible for everyone as I'll be releasing it to the streaming services.

Starting this December with The M.O.T.Y (Man Of The Year) get ready for the next update to the Sheep's Clothing series. SC2DE will definitely keep you war this win. I might change a few things, For now, enjoy the official tracklist.

Sheep's Clothing Definitive:

  1. The Ghoul (Purple Intro)

  2. The Bwoi

  3. The M.O.T.Y (Man Of The Year)

  4. The Dude (Shogi)

  5. The Rise

  6. Talk (ft. Tone Gibbs)

  7. The Meow

  8. The Thief (ft. La'Keith Rashad)

  9. The Star (ft. Tina Jean)

  10. The Win

  11. The Fame  (ft. InKredible Blaze)

  12. The Hero (ft. Ms. Instrumental)

  13. The Dream (ft. InKredible Blaze)

  14. The Sleepless

  15. The Reckless (ft. Tina Jean)

  16. The End (Outro)

  17. Bonus: The Goon (Super Explicit)

Stay tuned for a chance to listen to an extended snippet of the new single and a chance to win an official Shogi and Friends NFT.

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