How to get over stage fright?

Hello Everyone, I hope all is well and you are having an incredible to the madness that is march. Let’s get it the level up is persistent and constant. 

So recently, I posted a question on twitter about things that musicians use getting over stage fright. 

I shared a small insight about the way I get over the initial fear of speaking or performing in public. 

Besides lots of practice, rehearsals, soundcheck and walkthroughs. I make sure to greet the audience, it all starts with trust.

I start by first introducing myself and the use Icebreaker questions or statements. 

 Simple questions:
  • How are you doing tonight? 
  • Make some noise If you have more than $10 
  • Shout out where you from, Is ____ in the house? 
  • If you here with your ‘BBF’ or ‘Ride or Die’ make some noise! 
  • If you a real one let me, get a yeaaaaaah!!!!

I asked a few users on twitter the same question, a chimed in with some insight if their own. 

Let’s see what some of your musical peers have to say about the How do you overcome stage fright?
Good answer! God knows there are a few occasions I wish I did, but if you can’t stay home! In cases where the bag is on the line, and you can’t just close the door and ignore calls. 

Here are some other alternatives. 




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