Sheep's Clothing Definitive Edition Official Release

What up listeners? I hope everyone is getting to the goal. Time is limited if you can't tell. Focus up and get to the micro-steps. I got faith if you've been listening! This is why you wake up to feed your families, to further your process, and to learn from every win as well as the losses.

Always keep your friends and family close. Over the past few years, the loss was insurmountable. Can't waste time with people that just don't vibe.

Sorry for the delay, I had a few distractions and detractors. This has caused some major setbacks financially and time-wise. Can't speak much on it. 

Let's just say some of them, people you think are valid, not really! Ultimately, this is a race for the strong. I don't do sucker s*** from the shadows. So, I'm good at playing my position.

To all my day 1 listeners this one is going to be bitter/sweet. As this is the final chapter to the Sheep's Clothing series. 

This one has way more epics. I spent a good amount of time crafting the sound. As usual, you are in for a treat in terms of cadences and creativity.

For my new listeners, this is a great time to get to know the series. From Sheep's Clothing Chapter 1 to now you will not be disappointed.

The project features production from new and established record producers. For sheep's clothing, background music is provided by DJ Pain1, DJ London, Track faderz, Ariful Haque (aka Matrix Beats), newcomer OK Petre, and more.

Definitive features 12 all-new songs. Guest appearances by Tone Gibbs, Kash President, inKredible Blaze, Tina Jean, La'Keith Rashad, and others.

"I don't care about industry release calendars. That's why my 3 listeners love me 😂😉. This is all about appreciation for you. I made music to make you laugh, cry, think, dance and cringe. Mostly cringe"

The tape drops on September, 2nd 2022 don't tell my h@ters I heard they outgoing dumb hard with the block button. 

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