Object Of The Haters Volume 2 (OTHv2) Official Mixtape Release

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone supporting my musical journey. On my birthday this year instead of creating a playlist like I did in 2018. I decided to give you something bigger in the form of 10 all new bangers. This volume brings new and returning producers, the likes of DJ Pain1, Track Pros, J Casperen, Dreamlife, Mubz Got Beats, and my protege iNKredible Blaze.

If you missed my earlier post, I am not currently doing any industry features. Figured I'll build up a fan-base before I start approaching industry pros. I don't want to waste anyone's time, periodt! So I brought my own team. Returning for OTHv2 is my brothers Tone Gibbs and Kash Presidents. There are new additions in another one of my brothers Incredible Blaze, indie recording artist Ike Tha Writa and some other surprises.

OTHv2 (released December 16th) is now available Free to stream on Spinrilla and SoundCloud with DatPiff, YouTube, My Mixtapez and more to follow over the next few days.

When you are ready to listen just click the image or links below. You can stream now or request download access via email.

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