Tushonda's Graduation Present (Coming To America) Freestyle

Update: 'Tushonda's Graduation Present' went viral and I am thinking about making a single with and a new beat. This way it's able to get some traction on the major streaming services. If you haven't heard it yet click the image above to be transported to SoundCloud.

Here's an example of what people think.

Hello All! thanks for rocking with me on the musical journey. Few ups and downs as always, but you know! I hope everyone is doing well and we made it through this series of unfortunate events intact. This alone should let you know that life is short and tomorrow is a fool's dream. Love and cherish the family and friendships you have.

I have a few great things happening, I picked up a few needed certifications, launch a digital marketing consultancy to help businesses and artists get noticed (more on these happenings later), and updated my social pages. If you haven't checked me out on Instagram this might be a great time to do that. I have made some really cool videos for you to vibe to.

Lastly, I have also been working on my craft. I've been working on my freestyle mostly on my cadences, delivery, and word game. This how I came up with 'Tushonda's Graduation Present' a freestyle base on the upcoming 'Coming To America 2' Movie!  This free treat is me rhyming word for word over the original 'Coming To America' motorcade beat (yeah that one) click here

If you are old enough you remember it from the original Coming to America soundtrack. Few MCs can do it, if you find one here is the challenge. 

Even some of New York's best spitters tried and failed. The songs drop on Soundcloud.com on Friday, August 28th, 2020, with versions dropping on Bandcamp and Spinrilla Tuesday, September 1st, 2020. Click below for a quick preview of how I'm coming at you in 2021.

Thanks again for your support! 

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