Mandalorian Freestyle and more news

What's up, everybody? Hope you are doing better than at the beginning of the year. I am not going to harp on all the bad as always.  Just stay healthy, be strong, and trust the process. Focus on what you want and make 2021 the livest year yet.

I have some great news, I switched to Geico... Nah really I have a crazy new freestyle over that Mandalorian beat. I think you will like this one I took it back to the Boombap era with my delivery but kept it up-to-date with the verbiage.

The other great news, Sheep's Clothing Chapter 2 is done and in post. You will see that in the first quarter of 2021 most likely January. There are 8 songs 7 new and added a really sick bonus at the end. You will enjoy this one from top to bottom.

For now, enjoy this masterpiece!

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